Friday, February 2, 2007

Synopsis of a new post 9/11 thriller

The world has changed post 9/11 and it is set to change further by out of power soviet communists, Pakistani tribal chiefs and Afghan warlords. They are aided by determined individuals across the world with pressing need of fast money and dormant ambitions. It’s a dark web of international terrorists, Maoist guerrillas, antique smugglers, greedy dealmakers and undercover agents.

Vasili Grigorevich Vyshnevetsky has patiently waited in exile for fifteen years for the right combinations of his hidden resources with motivated comrades and an opportune time. There have been enough failures in the past and his present hunch was suggestive of sweet success which he could smell and feel the aura of coveted power engulf him.

Village Dera Baba Ali, Pakistan-India border: A group of India bound smugglers and their camels are dead in the desert with no external injuries. They are hurriedly buried by two shaken survivors. Will they be able to make profits and keep the secret?

Zurich: Maria, a glamorous American antique dealer is busy navigating her precious antique out of India. She hates delays and it’s her last chance to repay debts and retire. Nothing can now stop her.

New Delhi: Maoist leader comrade Hari Om needs guns for the decisive phase of long over due class struggle. His old flame Olga’s lucrative barter offer to get guns in exchange of organizing safe loading of a smuggled cargo from Pakistan to the capitalist Europe, means two kills with one aim.

Jaipur: Patricia Freeman, an undercover agent arrives in the Pink City, to investigate antique smuggler’s suspected links with international terrorists. She is restrained by weak leads and her possessive suitors.

Ajeetgarh: Dr. Mitra, the respected archeologist is found dead. He must have been drunk, lost control and slipped to a slow death. A TV journalist was seen with him before he died. Maria wants her traced and eliminated.

Paris: Tariq is troubled by his mentor Waqar's obsession to teach a fitting lesson to England for being the pet poodle of USA in Iraq war. Waqar has an innovative plan to fund his mission of hate. The weapon is to be transported from Afghanistan to Europe through, Pakistan and India. His sacrifice would make him a hero.

Tariq must know more to advice restrain and that is sure to push him deeper in to dangerous actions with no possible exit route. The emerging details made him sick and numb with horror, as his only son is held captive by Waqar, who must be stopped before it’s too late. The plan is to inflict heavy casualties on the despised enemy.

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